How do you register for the bachelor thesis?

The registration of the work takes place at the responsible examination office of the university. Registration is only possible if the required credit points have been purchased. Before registering, the topic and supervisor must be selected and the title of the thesis must be named. For the registration there are usually fixed dates during the semester. If you have registered the work with the mention of the specific title, you will learn the exact date of issue. This is determined by the examination office and can not be extended arbitrarily. Only in very exceptional cases, the deadline can be postponed. Also the change of the topic of the bachelor thesis can not be changed after the registration in the examination office, just like the responsible supervisor. Before taking this step, you should be sure of both the topic and the supervisor.

When registering for work, the topic and the supervisor should be firm. Both details are required when registering with the Examinations Office, these details can not be easily revised, and should therefore be carefully thought out. With the enrollment of the final thesis, the work process, i. The examination office determines a deadline, which must be adhered to. Only in exceptional cases, which must be justified in writing, a shift of the deadline is possible. Registration for the bachelor thesis is usually possible at certain times of the semester. More detailed information can be found at the responsible examination office. As there are only a few months left to work on the bachelor thesis after the official registration (usually between two and four months), ideally you should already start some work before you register. This includes the research of sources and literature, as well as the development of a concrete question and the structure of the work.

At what time can a bachelor thesis be started?

Officially, the working period for a bachelor thesis counts from the day of registration at the examination office. To register for the exam, the required credit points must be available and all modules of the degree must be completed. Of course, work on the thesis can already begin before you officially register it. This is even necessary, since the short processing period is not sufficient to fulfill all the required work steps. These include first and foremost the agreement of the topic with the supervisor, the elaboration of an outline and the research of sources and literature. The more time you spend preparing for work, the more stress-free the actual paperwork can be. For the limitation of the topic and the choice of the supervisor also more time must be taken into account, since experience shows that this is a process that can not be completed in a few days. If your own time and study schedule permits, you can start research at the end of your studies or complete your first research and organizational tasks.