Is it possible to write the bachelor thesis in cooperation with a company?

Basically, some degree programs (economics or engineering) give the opportunity to compose the bachelor thesis in cooperation with a company. Of course, this depends very much on your own course of studies and the chosen subject area. Often companies write out specific topics for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses and pay a small fee for the topic. Many students become aware of these offers through internships or student part-time jobs or are approached directly by the companies. In this case too, however, the topic and the question must be discussed with the supervisor of the university. Furthermore, one should make sure that the topic can be mastered in the period of time planned by the university and last but not least, that one has a certain interest in topic and question. It is also advisable to make sure that there is a contact person in the company who can help with problems.

Anyone who writes a thesis in a company must generally observe the same formal requirements (deadlines, scope, supervisors, etc.) as students who are supervised by a lecturer at the university. Further question is not regulated by the university. How exactly your cooperation with the company works, you have to clarify independently. These include asking for a possible fee as well as the company supporting you at work and how often you need to be there.

How long is the processing period of a bachelor thesis?

The scope of the bachelor thesis and the processing period for these are not uniformly regulated, but differ from university to university. As a rule, students have between two and four months to write the thesis. As soon as the work has been registered in the examination office, the processing time is running. This can not be extended indefinitely, but can only be extended in special cases, for example in the case of illness. However, a medical certificate is mandatory. If the processing time is not complied with, the work is considered failed. Therefore, it is advisable to set a timetable for writing the bachelor thesis. Certain preparatory work, such as literature research, should be completed before the actual start of processing, so that there is enough time to write and correct the work.